Over the years of volunteering at Lichgate on High Road, I witnessed many visitors taking the time to "speak" to the Great Oak.  Whether a whispered word about her grace and beauty or a moment's reflection while touching her bark, each interaction was special and heartfelt. 

     After all of these interactions I wondered what words, what emotions transpired between this ancient entity and her visitors but having no way to record them, I simply watched as each passed.  A few weeks ago I ventured onto an article from Australia entitled "When You Give a Tree an Email Address".  After reading this article I was transfixed with the idea of giving the Lichgate Oak a voice of sorts or at least a place where people could tell her the things they share when they visit.  To that end we are creating an email address for the Grandmother Oak.  If you would like to leave a message for her simply email dearlichgateoak@gmail.com.   Please let me know if the email can be made public, if there is no indication in the email I will assume it is private and not to be shared.  It is my hope to one day post some of the emails sent to our beautiful lady.  Thank you for sharing your wishes, your thoughts, and your love for the Great Oak.

They say you call those you need. Do you need us or do we need you? Or do we only need the life you have begun? are we really acorns?


I'm expanding exponentially, I am consciousness without identity. I am many things made of everything. (9/24/15)